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Wild Game Recipes

 I have no idea where they came from but they have been handed down to me over a period of 50+ years from people with whom I have visited, hunted and fished.  If you have a favorite, send it to me and we will post it.


Fish Recipes


Baked Walleye  Fish Cakes
Walleye Stir Fry

 Pan Fried Fish

Pan Fried Fish II  

Baked Fish 

Fancy Fried Bass          

 Potato Coated Walleye  

 Catfish w Orange Sauce

 Almond Crusted Walleye

Fried Walleye

Salmon Burgers for Two

 Potato Fried Bass
 Sesame Salmon


Duck Recipes

 Mallard Duck Breast in Orange Marinade Gourmet Duck Breast                                
 Cilantro Duck Spicy Duck
 Barbecued Duck Wild Duck with Sauerkraut
 Duck Gumbo
Duck Parmesan
 Duck Breast Stir Fry
 Duck/Goose and Sauerkraut
Roast Duck
Duck Schnitzel
Duck/Goose Fajitas


Turkey Recipes

Chicken Fried Wild Turkey Deep Dish Turkey Pie
Barbecued Wild Turkey  Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey
Roast Turkey            Smoked wild Turkey   
Grilled Wild Turkey Wild Turkey Breast Grilled
Wild Turkey Gumbo
Bacon Cheese Topped Wild Turkey
Blackened Wild Turkey Alfredo
Breast of Wild Turkey Surprise
Bang Bang Turkey
Buffalo Turkey Dip


Venison Recipes 

Venison Roast                                          Venison Meatballs                                                 
Chicken Fried Venison                 Venison Burgers
Venison Meat Loaf Deer with Sauerkraut
Shepherds' Pie Deer Tenderloin

Spicey Venison Tomato Soup
Venison Medallions with Mushrooms

Elk Beer Stew

Venison Spudburger

Venison Stew 


Pheasant Recipes

 Roast Pheasant in Wild Irish Cream

Pheasant in a Bag                                    
 Crock Pot Pheasants Parts      Honey Baked Pheasant
 Smothered Pheasant Pheasant with Sausage Stuffing
 Pheasant Chili
 Blackberry Grilled Pheasant Breast
 Pheasant Casserole
 Red Wine Pheasant
Stuffed Pheasant Breast
Cheddar Pheasant Soup
Potato Parmesan Crusted Pheasant
Basic Pheasant



Dutch Oven Recipes

One Pot Spaghetti                           

Bubble Up Pizza                                   

Easy Cheesy Meat & Potatoes
Ham and Rice Bake

Lazy Lasagna

Peach-Orange Dump Cobbler

Au Gratin Ham and Potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie

Monkey Bread

Two Hour Chilli

Beef Burgandy
Chicken and Dumpling
Beef Goulash
Coca-Cola Chicken


Gander MountainHow to Hunt Like a Gentleman
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